Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Essential Links For The Travelling Catholic

It's the holiday season! For many of us, that means travel to places near and far. However, even when travelling, we are still obligated to attend Mass on Sunday.

What is the jet-setting Catholic to do? Thanks to the power of the Internet (and the series of tubes that make it up), you can find a parish to go and keep up on the daily readings at Mass (without having to bring along a missal(ette))

allows you to find a parish by city, state, zip code, country, etc - displaying the location, times for Mass/adoration/Holy Hour/etc and the phone number. Pretty easy, huh? It's even partnered

Universalis has information about the Saint of the day, daily readings from Mass, and even the Liturgy of the Hours from the Roman Breviary - handy for priests, religious and the laity alike!

Hopefully these resources will help make your holiday travels more spiritually fulfilling! Let us pray for the intercession of St. Christopher for a safe journey - whether we are going to Milpitas or Manila.