Monday, November 17, 2008

The Bouillon Cubes 2

As we continue our study on "Freedom to Love: Applying the Basics of the Theology of the Body to Everyday Life, Love, and Relationships.", we continue the installments of the bouillon cubes. 

In case you're unaware, those are the "boiled down, dense, concentrated doses" of our study. They are the things that really get at the heart of the theology of the body. 

As we've said before, this stuff is beautiful. Let's not presume that it isn't also dense. 

So, here are bouillon cubes. Let's pick up where we left off: 
  • the “choices and actions [of men and women] take on all the weight of human existence in the union of the two.” (TB, 376)
That gives a significance to sexuality that most of us aren't familiar with. How can there be such a focus on our embodiment as male and female? In fact, how can our bodies be so important? 
  • “As a being at once body and spirit, man expresses and perceives spiritual realities through physical signs and symbols” (CCC, n. 1146)
In a word, it is through our bodies that we encounter the Divine. That's the reason for the emphasis on our sexuality: on our embodiment as male and female. 

Then again, I suppose I should say it's through the Word that we encounter the Divine. 
  • Through the fact that the Word of God became flesh the body entered theology… through the main door” (TB, 89)
And, in case we're left with any doubt as to the importance and significance of our bodies, JP2 makes it as clear as crystal. 

This is what we like to call the MOABC. That is, the Mother Of All Bouillon Cubes
  • The body, and in fact, it alone, is capable of making visibile what is invisible: the spiritual and divine. It was created to transfer into the visible reality of the world, the mystery hidden since time immemorial in God, and thus to be a sign of it” (TB, 76). 
Only through our bodies are we capable of seeing and receiving the mystery of God. In fact, each body is called to be a sign of that mystery.   I'd say that calls for emphasis, indeed. 

Once again, this bouillon is straight up. Since there's no chaser, there might as well be a little time for it to sink in.