Monday, February 15, 2010

OLOP|YA Abortion Mill "Cherish Women" Billboard Campaign

OLOP|YA is proud to announce our new Cherish Women "billboard campaign" for our times of Sidewalk Counseling and Prayer at the local Planned Parenthood Abortion Mill in San Jose.

These signs were designed by the young adults of OLOP|YA to not only reach the hearts of those women and mothers entering the mill, but also to witness to those driving and walking, during our two hour presence each third Saturday of the month.

It is our responsibility and our duty to stand for life in this culture of death, and to spread the joy, peace, and contentment there is in upholding the dignity of the human person; women and the unborn, most especially.

If you haven't come to pray with us at Planned Parenthood before, come pray with us now. It is a peaceful and prayerful time, which takes place on the front lines of the culture of death.

The time for complacency has passed. If we won't stand for life, the dignity of women, and the rights of the unborn, what will we stand for?

Join us this Saturday. Stand with us for life.

Witness to the culture of death that the dignity of the human person is something we will never be silent on.

Throughout human history, hate has grown to such a degree that a part of the population is viewed as less than human. One time is now. Those degraded and discarded are the unborn.
This is our time. How will history remember us?

What will we have stood for? Do not let it be nothing.